Our monthly lunch always takes place on a Friday from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. In the first part of the lunch, we start with a networking cocktail to allow all the participating entrepreneurs to exchange and in a second part we sit down for the rest of the lunch.

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Every month we allow our members to meet for a few hours to share a moment of exchange in a very informal way. Our Afterwork is always organized on a Thursday from 7 to 9 pm.

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The conferences take place in our offices in Paseo de Gracia. The contractors who have spoken at La Peña are very different. We propose varied topics of interest to our members (inheritance tax, business creation: legal and tax structuring, digital strategy, management and visualization of databases, blockchains, mobility, the importance of storytelling…).


As La Peña Business Club has partnerships with different clubs in several European cities, it seems important to us to be connected to our ecosystem. For this reason, our networking events are not only physical. We also meet online in our Masterclasses, Webinars and Mastermind e-meetings, which allows us to connect with members located all around the world.


In order to assist La Peña’s members in the development of their businesses we are opening up to other cities and establishing collaborations with other Business Clubs in Europe, such as Club 567 in Madrid, the CEP in Mallorca, … In this way, Club members can interconnect with other ecosystems in European cities and expand their business opportunities and networks.

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Partners - LPBC - LA PIAF


Every year we organize a golf tournament in a Golf Club around Barcelona in which members of La Peña, guests or partners participate. We take advantage of this golf day to celebrate our big summer dinner in the evening.

Torneo de Golfo LPBC 2019
Torneo de Golfo de Juno 2019
Torneo de Golfo LPBC 2019